FCA Christmas Function 2021

It was great for the FCA members to meet in person finally! What better occasion than the FCA Christmas party with spouses, partners and friends at Manjit’s Indian Restaurant on Thursday, 9 December 2021.
A very special night of celebrations in an exciting venue with amazing food and drinks.
The FCA members – journalists, photojournalists, videographers and media members from all over the world were happy to catch up with colleagues and immerse themselves in the Indian flavours and spices to celebrate Christmas and to welcome 2022 with renewed vigour and goals.

A special print FCA Brochure was launched on the night showcasing the professional Foreign Correspondents Association – About FCA, Events, Trips & Briefings, Social Club… with a vision to introduce new members into FCA.

The FCA Christmas party always is an opportunity for the members and their guests to win the lucky draw prizes – this year was no different – there were fantastic prizes won on the night.


Excerpts of FCA president speech:

FCA president

Tonight, we are 40 guests representing more than 10 nationalities across the continents. To cite a few: India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Canada Brazil, France, Spain, Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland. FCA brings us together to share amongst friends and colleagues. This by itself is to be proud of.

Your table neighbour has probably penned a book. She/he is certainly and expert on some aspect of the Indo-Pacific region. FCA is proud of that diversity and expertise. We need to show our leadership.
Time is changing. A growing number of media cannot afford to send their own Foreign correspondent, despite Australia becoming a major actor in the Indo-Pacific region. The Print readership is dropping, while the online news are surging. The FCA is in the process of adjusting to the changes in our profession…

Raj Suri and Peter Hadfield, both board members worked hard on the new FCA brochure. It will showcase our activities both professional and recreational. This will be used in the coming months for promotional and information purposes. Carry the word around you if anyone you know could be interested.

Voilà. Cheers,

Laurence Arthur
President FCA

Thank you all the current FCA Board Members for a successful FCA 2021 Christmas function.
Fm. R: Barbara Barkhausen, Raj Suri, April Pressler, Sandip Hor,Laurence Arthur, Peter Hadfield, Dr. Marie Geissler & Liz Lacerda – (not in photo)
and former president Hiroki Iijima. Photo: Thorsten Joses

Amazing Prizes won by members, courtesy of FCA Sponsors

photos: Raj Suri

FCA Xmas party 2020..glimpses

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