Media Statement – 20 January 2020

Foreign Correspondents’ Association (Australia & South Pacific), Sydney.


20 January 2020

The hearts of members of the Foreign Correspondents’ Association, Australia & South Pacific (FCA) go out to all those affected in Australia by the unprecedented bushfires that have impacted so many people, domestic animals, stock and wildlife in NSW, Victoria and other parts of the country.  

We feel very deeply particularly for those people who have lost their lives and the huge number that have lost their homes, livelihoods, communities and historic buildings.

It is hard for many people overseas to comprehend the unique qualities of life in this extraordinary country called Australia, but pictures of the vast number of destroyed homes and properties, devastated people and businesses, fire-affected animals like koalas and kangaroos, bring outpourings of sympathy and very generous pledges of money for assistance from prominent and not-so-prominent people around the world. 

Everyone wants to help put back the magic of Australia’s beautiful bush and animals – and to see a resumption of normal life return for all Australians and also the millions of international tourists who find visits to Australia so especially compelling and fascinating.

We want all Australians to know that your foreign media family that reaches out to the world through media reporting on a regular basis is here for you, and FCA members will do all they can to tell our audiences overseas the stories you have to convey.

With the FCA’s responsibility for informing the international community and reporting on important events that take place in Australia, when you are ready we will also help to tell the world that it is time to come and visit Australia and to contribute to the regrowth of tourism in the regions of this still-beautiful continent. 

We know you are a resilient country with a great history of citizens coming together in trying times. 

The FCA wishes you safety, peace and hope for this 2020 as you focus on recovery, rebuilding in the places you love, and renewal as a nation.

(Signed) FCA Board on behalf of FCA Members

Media information: FCA Secretary, April Pressler. Tel. 0412271744 

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