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March 2024
Stories by FCA Member Lin Kuang

Keine «Stimme» für Australiens Ureinwohner

14 October 2023
Swiss Media – NZZ.CH
Story by FCA Member Barbara Barkhausen

Sports pay highlights glaring gender disparity in Australia

7 October 2023
Story by FCA Member Geoff Hiscock

From the Panamanian Guna to the Sami, indigenous rights leaders in Australia

Sydney, Australia, 11 October 2023 (EFE) –
Story by FCA Member Rocio Otaya

Indigenous peoples such as the Guna in Panama or the European Sami already exercise their rights to decide their own destinies, a step that Australia seeks to take in the 14 October referendum to amend the Constitution and create a consultative body to give a voice to Aboriginal people.
The model proposed in the referendum is to add a section to the 1901 Constitution, which does not mention indigenous and Torres Strait Islander peoples, to create an advisory body to advise the Executive and the Legislature on matters concerning these native peoples.
Some sectors of the population believe that the proposed constitutional change gives disproportionate power to Aboriginal people or fear that the consultations will delay the country’s development, which is considered part of a disinformation campaign by the former president of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, Megan Davis.

Australia could benefit from looking at all the countries that have significant indigenous populations and operate with different constitutions and legal systems,” and yet demonstrate that there are many ways to “broaden indigenous participation in the democratic life of a state,” – Dr Megan Davis

De los gunas panameños a los samis, referentes de los derechos indígenas en Australia

11 October 2023
Media – www.abc.com.py
Story by FCA Member Rocio Otaya

Salvadoran indigenous leader supports Aboriginal people in Australia’s referendum campaign

Sydney, Australia, 10 October 2023 (EFE) –
Story by FCA Member Rocio Otaya

Salvadoran Leonel Chévez, who is the “hereditary chief” of the Lenca indigenous people, is campaigning on behalf of the aborigines in Australia, which next Saturday holds a referendum to decide whether to amend the Constitution to create a consultative body to give them a voice in Parliament. Chévez, who arrived in the Australian city of Brisbane as a refugee in 1996, explained to EFE that this solidarity is based on many common factors such as the traumatic past of the aborigines and the Lenca due to discrimination, dispossession of their lands, massacres and the destruction of their cultures since they were colonized.
The Salvadoran, who works as a consultant in the field of neuroscience in Australia, proclaims that the Mayan Lenca people of the Americas and their diaspora support the proposal in Australia to recognize Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to decide on matters that concern them.
“I believe indigenous peoples have the wisdom and capacity to have their own voice. We must have the moral courage to trust and support. Say YES!!!” according to a statement posted on LinkedIn by this hereditary chief of the House of the Jaguar and Lenca Indigenous Nation.
In an interview by Zoom, Chévez explained that there are parallels between the Lenca – a Central American ancestral culture that lives mainly in what today is known as El Salvador and Honduras – and the aborigines due to the discrimination they both suffer and their claims to be recognized in the Constitution.

Líder indígena salvadoreño apoya a los aborígenes en la campaña del referendo en Australia

10 October 2023
Media – www.abc.com.py
Story by FCA Member Rocio Otaya

Malabar Exercises

11 August 2023
Exclusive report: Exercise Malabar, involves four Indo-Pacific partner nations: Australia, India, Japan and the United States, the 10-day naval exercise launched off Sydney coast. (Only one Foreign media with ABC, SBS and AFR journalists)
Report by FCA Member Hiroki Iijima – (in Japanese)

7 April 2023
Sydney, Australia, Apr 7 (EFE).- Lemon myrtle, bush tomatoes and local spinach are some of the native foods that have been used by Australia’s indigenous peoples for tens of thousands of years that are now having their time in the sun as essential elements of the country’s contemporary culinary scene>
Read More: English| Spanish
Story by FCA Member – Rocio Otoya

11 March 2023


Story by FCA member – Laurence Arthur
Read full article .. (in French)

BBC Story by FCA member Peter Hadfield
“Prawn Free”
Released on 7 March 2023

Where do the prawns in your takeaway curry or pad thai come from? Peter Hadfield travels to South-East Asia to investigate the environmental impact of prawn farming. Radio Podcast

24 February 2023
A festival like WorldPride in Sydney ‘can save lives’
The WorldPride 2023 can “save lives” because it helps break down prejudices against the LGBT+ community and reinforce the sense of belonging to a diverse and tolerant society, according to Anna Brown, activist and CEO of the NGO Equality Australia.
Read More: English| Spanish
Story by FCA Member – Rocio Otoya

26 January 2023
View More: Spanish
Video Story by FCA Member – Gonzalo Aguirregomezcorta

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