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FCA Social, 23 February 2024

FCA’ ‘s first social for 2024. We had correspondents from Brazil, Vietnam, Australia, Germany, Cambodia, India and Japan gathered in North Sydney.
As always, an evening filled with many stories, laughter, wine and good food!

FCA Social February 2024

FCA Social – 23 February 2024

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Previous FCA Social Meet Ups

50 Years Australian-Vietnamese diplomatic Anniversary
21 July 2023, Sydney

FCA Social, 21 July 2023

We had an excellent turn out for our celebration of Vietnamese-Australian diplomatic ties and friendship. 12 correspondents from Vietnam, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, India, Japan and Italy gathered at popular Vietnamese Restaurant Viet in Sydney’s lively Kensington Street in Chippendale.

Our board member Barbara presented a speech written by president Laurence Arthur and our Vietnamese member Francois baked a traditional Vietnamese rice cake to celebrate the occasion.

It was a wonderful evening filled with many stories, laughter, wine and good food!

Celebration of Vietnamese-Australian
50 years of diplomatic ties and friendship

Barbara Barkhausen reads the message from FCA President, Laurence Arthur

Welcome to the FCA dinner celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relationship between Australia and Vietnam.
However tonight, It is not so much government partnerships that are celebrated, but personal friendships between Vietnamese foreign correspondents and journalists from other nations represented within the FCA.
Posting after posting, journalists from Vietnam have faithfully joined our organisation. You are showing your enthusiasm and strong interest in FCA’s activities. Thanks to that, friendships have blossomed, laughs and stories are shared, and cultural bridges have been built. I have met courageous and curious people who are an example of people who listen before they talk. What a privilege to meet you. Being a Swiss person raised in the capital of international organisations for peace, Geneva, I can say we are the illustration of how we are reaching a better understanding when getting together.
A very big thank you to the Vietnamese members who gave their trust to the FCA. Being a significant representation of the foreign correspondents’ community and a major contributor to what it is today, you are one of the pillars of the organisation. Thank you to all the members present tonight for showing that friendship.
An nao… (enjoy your meal)

All Photos Raj Suri

9 February 2023, Melbourne

FCA first Social Drinks in Melbourne for members and non members. In attendance we had Melbourne’s media professionals from the following countries: France, India, Germany and Colombia. A great opportunity to meet in a social setting in Melbourne.
Updated FCA Social Photo Gallery below: photo credits: Laurence Arthur

7 August 2022, Sydney

It was great to have members join in for our FCA social meet up. Great conversations over drinks and food. An opportunity to know our members in a social setting.
Updated FCA Social Photo Gallery below


Date: 10 April 2022
St. Peter’s, Sydney

It has been a tough couple of years due to the pandemic and the FCA had to cancel many in-person professional and social events to keep us all safe during those difficult times.
Very pleased FCA could host a Social Meet Up drinks for the members and their partners on Sunday, 10 April 2022 in St. Peter’s suburb of the trendy Inner West Sydney.
Even though many FCA members were travelling due to opening of the Australian borders and a few could not attend due to the recent floods in NSW, it was good to see new members attend the social drinks event.

There was lots of good chats, nice music and nibbles and drinks in the company of our members. Our FCA President, Laurence Arthur, travelled from Melbourne to attend the event.

There was also an opportunity for the FCA members to get their video bites and portraits made for the memberships, courtesy board member, Raj Suri.

We would like to thank all the members and their partners who could attend and the FCA social sub committee.

From L: Raj Suri, Laurence Arthur, Barbara Barkhausen, Liz Lacerda, Gonzalo Aguirregomezcorta, Bin Bin, Matt Newport

Photo Gallery

Photo credits: Raj Suri and Marie Geissler

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