FCA briefing with Roy Trivedy UN Resident Coordinator for Timor Leste

Updated 2 August 2021

Video Recording of the Briefing
FCA members can view the briefing session below.
(Please contact FCA Hon Secretary April Pressler to access the video recording. Email – aprilp@ozemail.com.au)

Words – April Pressler

27 July 2021

FCA’s third event in the special series of briefings for our members with the United Nations Resident Coordinators (UN RCs) in the South Pacific. 

This briefing is the third in our series of events with the UN’s resident coordinators in the South Pacific, which are being organised to help bring FCA members up to date with events and issues around Australia’s region, and also to provide story ideas and contacts.

FCA Briefing and Q & A, via Zoom, with Roy Trivedy UN Resident Coordinator for Timor Leste

Monday August 2 August 2021 from 10.30-11.30am (AEST)

Mr Trivedy has been working in Timor Leste since March 2018, following a four-year term in Papua New Guinea as UN RC and UNDP Representative. 

Roy will be happy to speak initially for 10+ minutes on some of the topics below, and take questions from our members following his briefing:

  •  COVID19
  •  Upcoming Presidential and General elections
  • UN’s support to Timor Leste Government on flood recovery 
  • UN and Timor Leste Government – major priorities in the near future
  • Food & nutrition (Food Systems Summit, School Meal Coalition, Health) recovery post COVID
  •  Climate action, including recovery from floods, building resilience etc
  • Human rights, including Timor Leste’s bid for HR Council membership in 2023 
  •  Sustainable Development – achieving the Sustainable Development Goals


Roy Trivedy is the United Nations Resident Coordinator (UNRC) for Timor Leste. He has been working in Timor Leste since March 2018. He was previously United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNDP Representative in Papua New Guinea from December 2013 to December 2017. Prior to that, he worked for DFID (UK). He was Head of Civil Society Department from 2009-13andTeam Leader for the UK Government’s ‘Building our Common Future’, White Paper on international development (2009). He alsoworked for DFID in Tanzania, Central Asia and the Caucasus, and on peacebuilding and conflict resolution in various parts of Africa from 2000. Roy joined DFID after 20 years of working for non-governmental organisations in the UK, Mozambique, India and Malawi.He studied at the Institute for Development Studies, Sussex, UK. 

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