FCA briefing with Dan Tehan Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment of Australia

FCA briefing with Hon Dan Tehan MP, Federal Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment.

The briefing took take place on Monday 6 September 2021.

The Minister, Tehan, gave a first-hand insights on developments and emerging issues in Australia’s trade, tourism and investment with countries in our region, particularly China, Japan, and ASEAN countries, as well as with the United States, the UK, and EU.  

The Covid pandemic has disrupted many aspects of the normal flow of development in Australia’s bilateral relations, which have affected trade and tourism particularly, as well as other aspects of Minister Tehan’s portfolio. Members attending this briefing will have the benefit of the Minister’s up-to-date information and advice on these critical areas which affect Australia’s economy and international relations.

Video Highlight..

If all goes well…International students back in Australia early next year (2022)

Dan Tehan – Minister of Trade, Tourism & Investment of Australia
VIDEO for FCA: Raj Suri – Digital Producer, Laurence Arthur – Journalist
Full Video Recording

FCA members can view the briefing session below. (Please contact FCA Hon Secretary April Pressler to access the video recording. Email – aprilp@ozemail.com.au)

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