FCA briefing with Benjamin Raue and Haydon Manning

To understand the issues and policies that could have an effect on the outcome of the May 21, 2022 Australian Federal elections, FCA organized a briefing with two academic experts on politics, which took place via Zoom on Wednesday 27 April at 10.00am (AEST).

The guests were Adjunct Professor Dr. Haydon Manning, from Flinders University in SA, and Ben Raue, an independent election analyst and Adjunct Associate Lecturer and graduate of the University of Sydney. Each expert provided their views on the elections and addressed main policies they see affecting the election outcome, including the “mood’ of the nation.
The briefing was followed by Q & A by the FCA members. A cross section of topics were discussed by the speakers from the questions put forward by the FCA members. Some of the discussion topics included:

  • A tight race between the two parties, Liberals and Labor and their leaders – Scott Morrision and Anthony Albanese
  • Climate Change
  • Multicultural marginal seats
  • Foreign policy, Aukus, India, China, South Pacific
  • Housing and inflation
  • Small parties significance and role including, Greens, One Nation and the Independents
  • And more..

As per the experts, the race is tight, probably a “hung” parliament or a very close result could most likely be the outcome of this Australian federal election.

Further information on the speakers:

Benjamin Raue is a freelance electoral analyst with a focus on Australian elections. Ben is a graduate of the University of Sydney with a major in Government and International Relations, and is now an Adjunct Associate Lecturer in the Department of Government and International Relations. Ben focuses on analysing current elections and previewing each electorate before upcoming elections. He also produces election datasets for public use. Since 2008 Ben has been editor and writer of The Tally Room blog, which covers elections in Australia, New Zealand and around the world. He has also done ad hoc consulting work on data analysis for GetUp, Amnesty International Australia, and has been a campaigner for The Greens.

Mr Benjamin Raue (sydney.edu.au)

Adjunct Professor Haydon Manning is an Australian political scientist and Adjunct Professor with the College of Business, Government and Law, and a member of the discipline of Politics and International Relations at Flinders University. A frequent commentator on South Australian and national politics his main research interests focus on South Australian political history, political attitudes, voting behaviour, elections, political parties, and political cartooning. Recent research publications analyse contemporary policy debate in South Australia and voting behaviour. He teaches across all levels – Australian politics and government, electoral behaviour, Australian political and economic history and environmental politics.

Associate Professor Haydon Manning – Flinders University

Video recording

The video recording of the briefing is available on request.

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