Events 2018

October 25, 2018: Former Prime-Minister Kevin Rudd talks to Foreign Correspondents about his new book: “The PM Years”
In an exclusive Press Conference for Foreign Correspondents in Sydney, the Former Prime-Minister Kevin Rudd said he decided to write The PM Years “to shed light on an obscure part of Australian history”, including the events that led to his downfall in June 2013. Rudd commented on Australia’s leadership instability and how it is affecting the country’s international reputation. He also talked about economy, Australia’s relationship with China and the United States as well as refugees. With 652 pages, The PM Years recounts Rudd’s achievements and sorrows during his time in government.

August 6, 2018: New FCA Board members were elected at the AGM

FCA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) elected the Board for 2018 – 2019 on Monday, Aug 5, in DFAT Sydney Conference Room. The popular Japanese TBS television correspondent Hiroki Iijima was re-elected as President, with Vice- President Sandip Hor, Treasurer Liz Lacerda, Honorary Secretary Wolfgang Mueller, Mimi Chau, Thorsten Joses and Philip Engelberts, plus Laurence Arthur (in Melbourne) and Rob Taylor (in Canberra). Great lunch after the meeting at Bar Cupola with 20 other FCA members.

August 5, 2018: FCA Featherdale Wildlife Park Tour & Lunch

FCA members and families enjoyed a VIP tour with Featherdale Park resident animal expert, Director of Life Sciences, Zookeeper Chad Staples, followed by a light lunch at Drover’s Hut. Adults and children got close to the animals and learned about Australian wildlife. Established on 7 acres of land originally purchased by Charles and Marjorie Wigg in 1953, Featherdale has evolved from a poultry farm into one of the best privately own wildlife parks in Australia.

July 12, 2018: FCA briefing with the Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells.

During the meeting with members of the Foreign Correspondents Association in Sydney, the International Development Minister, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, said Australia is making an effort to strengthen ties with the Pacific nations. The Minister commented on the security agreement with countries in the region, which will cover matters such as defence, law and order, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Analysts say that the agreement should be used to limit China’s influence in the Pacific.


June 28, 2018: The Tourism Opportunity for Australia: 2020 and Beyond”
FCA briefing with John O’Sullivan,Managing Director at Tourism Australia.

Foreign Correspondents were invited by Tourism Australia to attend a Press Conference on “The Tourism Opportunity for Australia: 2020 and Beyond”. The Managing Director of Tourism Australia, John O’Sullivan, briefed FCA members on the strategy to build the competitiveness of Australia’s tourism industry and grow its economic contribution. “Tourism 2020” focuses on improving the industry’s performance and competitiveness by pursuing new opportunities for growth.




May 28, 2018: “US Foreign Policy in Asia and Nuclear-free Korean Peninsula” FCA Briefing with Brendan Thomas-Noone (United States Studies Centre). Research Fellow in the Foreign Policy and Defence Program at the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre, Brendan Thomas-Noone, briefed FCA members on North Korea’s nuclear program and the regional foreign policy role of the US administration, as well as Australia’s responsibilities in supporting a stable and resilient Indo-Pacific.

May 25, 2018: VIVID SYDNEY 2018 Media Launch

FCA members were invited to the “Lightning of the Sails”, which marked the “lights on” beginning of Vivid Sydney 2018 at the Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay. Invited by Destination NSW, foreign correspondents celebrated the 10th anniversary of the biggest festival of light, music and ideas in the world.

March 9, 2018: FCA briefing with the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Tilman Ruff

In a press briefing for the FCA in Sydney, Dr. Tilman Ruff explained how the “visionary work” has brought the world much closer to a nuclear-free world. On July 7 last year, the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty – the first legally binding international agreement to prohibit nuclear weapons – was adopted by 122 countries.