Midwinter drinks


Small Bar

WWF on Great Barrier Reef decision


With the UNESCO decision only days away WWF CEO Dermot O’Gorman and head of marine conservation Rick Leck briefed the FCA on their position.

Eurovision 2015 – Guy Sebastian


During the hectic days before his departure to Vienna, Australia’s entry Guy Sebastian took some time to talk to members of the FCA.

VIVID 2015, briefing by Destination NSW


Originally set up as a means to grow winter tourism VIVID is attracting an increasing amount of interest from both domestic and international audiences. Many members will do a story during the event. In preparation Destination NSW organised a briefing for FCA members.

Whisky tasting for FCA members


Some people say that lots of journalists are addicted to Whisky. That’s not true of course. True is, that Whisky from Tasmania is meanwhile amongst the best in the world – and FCA members had the chance to find out whether that’s true or not.

Christmas Cruise 2014


Come celebrate Christmas with us Have you already booked your tickets for the FCA Christmas party? This year we celebrate the festive season with a cruise in Sydney harbour. Enjoy the views from the upper deck and our party with buffet, drinks and a DJ. Date: 10 December 2014 Venue: Good Time Harbour Cruise Price: […]

Greg Hunt, minister for Environment


The minister briefed members of the FCA on  the government’s actions regarding the Great Barrier Reef and took questions on a wide range of other enviromental questions.

Media update G20 leaders summit


Katrina O’Hare, Director Media Operations and Amber Gilmore, Media Centre Manager held a briefing on logistical arrangements for media traveling to Brisbane in November.

Aboriginal Recognition in the Constitution


Will a referendum be held during Abbotts (first) term? Which intricacies lie in the wording? How to make sure a referendum passes? The University of Sydney’s professor Shane Houston, professor Anne Twomey and Dr Karen O’Brien shared their insights.

Annual General Meeting


During the AGM the board updated the members about FCA-activities, the financial position of our organisation and elected a new board.

Lunch with Graham Quirk


,,We are here to unashamedly promote Brisbane.” Graham Quirk came to address the FCA with a mission. During the G20 the spotlights of the world will be on Brisbane. The Lord mayor wants to promote his city as a place to remember after the leaders have gone. During an informal lunch topics ranged from the […]

Lunch with Tourism South Australia


How is the Restaurant Australia campaign working for South Australia? While FCA members enjoyed gorgeous food sourced from South Australian produce several representatives of the South Australian food industry talked with passion about their products and their strong relationship with the region.