Dr Mark Schipp – FCA briefing: “Threat to Australia of the African Swine Fever (ASF)”

FCA Briefing with Dr Mark Schipp, Australia’s Chief Veterinary & World President of the Organisation for Animal Health
Australia has implemented an international communications campaign and is now actively strengthening border inspections to avoid African Swine Fever reaching the country. This is the worst animal biosecurity scare ever and the new measures include the cancellation of visas. On Oct 15, there was wide media coverage of Australia cancelling the visa of an arriving Vietnamese passenger found with almost 5kg of pork.

To understand more about this disease, the actions implemented by the Australian government and the effect on travellers, you are invited to the FCA Briefing with Dr Mark Schipp, Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer and the World President of the Organisation for Animal Health – the Paris-based organisation that leads the international fight on animal disease threat. Dr Schipp also leads Australia’s national responses to emergency animal disease incursions.

Australia is cooperating with a number of other countries around the region, including East Timor and PNG, to counter African Swine Fever. Correspondents from China, Vietnam and others covering the region and countries which have been affected by ASF should be especially interested in this high-level briefing on ASF, which is making an unprecedented impact around the world.

DATE: Thursday, October 31
TIME: 10am-12noon

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