Covid -19 Message for FCA Members

Dear FCA Member,

Don’t think, I can begin my note on any other subject other than COVID 19 pandemic – an unprecedented disaster that has brought the world almost to a standstill.

As of 14 April as per Johns Hopkins University data, there has been nearly 2 million confirmed cases and more than 126,000 deaths globally. The numbers testify how grim is the situation worldwide affecting all facets of daily life.

FCA Board expresses the deepest sympathy for all the victims and their families and sincerely hope this catastrophe end sooner than later.

Until then we need to follow the government issued directives to carry on our duties sensibly and safely. It may be an ardent task for some of our members to report on this pandemic in Australia and Pacific.

Hope members understand that during this critical time, FCA can’t do much in terms of organising talks, seminars, briefings and trips. The Board as and when required will try to convene electronically to address any issue that FCA has to respond.

I request our members to stay in touch with us by email to any of our Board Members.

Best Regards

FCA President

Sandip Hor
FCA Vice President

15 April 2020.
FCA President Hiroki Iijima speaking online to the board members – Laurence Arthur, April Pressler, Liz Lacerda, Anna Watanabe, Sandip Hor, Thorsten Joses and Raj Suri at the monthly board meeting.

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