Aboriginal leader Patrick Dodson briefs FCA

By Our Correspondent

Eminent Aboriginal leader, Professor Patrick Dodson, gave a valuable indigenous point of view on current events during a briefing to 20 members of the Association in Sydney.

He is former chairman of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, former Commissioner into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, winner of the 2008 Sydney Peace Prize and easily recognised with his long flowing beard and ever present Akubra hat with its band of red, yellow and black Aboriginal colours.

Mr Dodson normally lives in Broome so it was a wonderful opportunity for FCA members based in Sydney to hear his insights into the Aboriginal point of view on the big Australian issues such as the changing of the constitution to acknowledge indigenous people.

Many correspondents grabbed the chance to get one-on-one interviews with Mr Dodson. Reports and interviews from the FCA briefing went out on Al Jazeera, Japanese TV, German TV and radio as well as reports done by correspondents for Italy, India, Switzerland, Vietnam, Spain, the US, the UK and South America.

 Pat Dodson’s speech to the FCA was uploaded to YouTube and is available here:

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