FCA briefing with John Blaxland

The United States has a beautiful multi trillion dollar ‘hammer’ to which China refuses to present a ‘nail’…it is deeply frustrating..John Blaxland FCA briefing with Prof. John Blaxland, Professor of International Security & Intelligence Studies, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, ANU Canberra.The online briefing took place on 24 September 2021. Professor Blaxland spoke on the new three-way strategic […]

FCA briefing with Dan Tehan Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment of Australia

FCA briefing with Hon Dan Tehan MP, Federal Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment. The briefing took take place on Monday 6 September 2021. The Minister, Tehan, gave a first-hand insights on developments and emerging issues in Australia’s trade, tourism and investment with countries in our region, particularly China, Japan, and ASEAN countries, as well as with the United States, the UK, […]

FCA Members (Foreign Language) Stories

Latest Stories by FCA Members.. 26 August 2021report by Hiroki Iijima – FCA Board Member (in Japanese) 25 July 2021report by Hiroki Iijima – FCA Board Member (in Japanese) 16 July 2021“Corona Crisis in Paradise: A Race against Time“Just four months ago, Fiji, like many other Pacific states, had the pandemic under control. Even a travel corridor […]

FCA briefing with leading health experts: Jodie McVernon and Ivo Mueller

15 August 2021 Words – April Pressler Briefing with Q&A for FCA members to take place this Wednesday 18  August, 2021 from 10.30-11.30am – with two very highly-regarded health experts from the University of Melbourne, who are specialists in epidemiology and immunology:  Professor Jodie McVernon Director of Epidemiology at the Doherty Institute, University of MelbourneProfessor Ivo Mueller, Joint […]