Tourism Australia Updates

Below are the latest updates from Tourism Australia 29 July 2020Essentials | Tourism Australia TOURISM AUSTRALIA UPDATEThe tourism industry has had another tough week with interstate travel restrictions tightening and ongoing uncertainty around when the industry will see some return to normality. As frustrating as this is, we are also getting […]

South Australia a World Leader in Health

MEDIA RELEASE15 July 2020 ADELAIDE (Australia) – Adelaide’s ambitious bid to become an acclaimed international hub of advanced medical care and research has taken a leap forward with construction starting on the site for the southern hemisphere’s first proton therapy unit.  The device using proton beams capable of pulverizing inoperable cancer tumors – such as […]

FCA Webinar on the Great Barrier Reef

Words: April Pressler With Five Expert Marine Scientists – 1 July 2020 The Great Barrier Reef is under very serious threat primarily from global warming, which is causing coral bleaching and affecting coral breeding, acquaculture, water quality and other serious damage. To examine issues facing Reef life and understand the extent of work that is being […]