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Welcome to the Foreign Correspondents’ Association (FCA) – Australia & South Pacific. Established in 1985 by a small group of journalists based in Sydney, the FCA has played a key role in helping correspondents perform their job effectively and keeping the rest of the world informed about the people and issues making news in the region. At a time when freedom of expression and independent journalism is often under threat, our members pride themselves on keeping the beacon of free speech alight and telling it how it is.

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The role of Australia in the Asia – Pacific region and how the country can contribute to the solution of conflicts and the development of the region were some of the issues presented by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) to Foreign Correspondents in Canberra. The Journalists also learnt about the Indo-Pacific Strategy; North Asia; Regional Trade Agreements; and Soft Power, Communications and Scholarships.

July 24, 2019: Foreign Correspondents condemn the arrest of a French news team covering a protest in Australia

“To see any arrests or restrictions placed on working media, and in this case arrests of visiting correspondents, is seen by us all as a nasty and dangerous development and threat to the modern democracy for which Australia has been known and admired previously”, says the Foreign Correspondents Association (FCA) – Australia & South Pacific. Read the full statement here.

May 21, 2019: “Sri Lanka Today – From Crisis Recovery to Economy and Tourism”

The Consul-General of Sri Lanka in Sydney, Lal Wickrematunge, told Foreign Correspondents that the nation is working hard to recover from the Easter Sunday bombings that killed more than 250 people. Accompanied by the Trade Commissioner MM Abdul Rahim, Mr Wickrematunge said that the country is investing in intelligence to avoid potential acts of terrorism in the future. He also commented on the nation’s economy and tourism opportunities.

March 12, 2019: ABC’s host Kumi Taguchi explores the “Role of Women in Media and Politics” for International Women’s Day

ABC’s host Kumi Taguchi met Foreign Correspondents’ in Sydney to talk about her career as a Journalist in Australia. With a Japanese background, Kumi Taguchi faced many professional challenges, but she overcame them all to become a regular and recognised host for ABC and major events such as The Invictus Games. Kumi Taguchi has been working in media for over two decades, and she celebrates the fact that the media landscape in Australia is changing to embrace different cultures and perspectives.

February 28, 2019: “Luxperience” brings to Australia the latest trends in luxury travelling

From 7-10 October, buyers and suppliers of luxury experiential travel will be in Sydney to exchange ideas and create business connections at the “Luxperience” 2019. Its Director, Michelle Papas, briefed Foreign Correspondents on the event details, saying that it celebrates the cultures of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Michelle also said that the luxury consumer wants more authentic, meaningful and unique high-end experiences. The luxury travel market offers that opportunity for travellers willing to pay $20.000-$50.000 average per booking. This is an invitation-only event for delegates from all over the world.

December 4, 2018: “Investing in Fiji” Program was presented to Foreign Correspondents in Australia

With a population of almost 900.000 and only a 4.5% unemployment rate, Fiji has registered the 9th consecutive year of economic growth in 2017, with 3.5% growth forecasted for 2018. In order to promote the beautiful Pacific islands as a hub for foreign investors, the Fijian government is implementing pro-growth reforms. In a Press Conference for the FCA, the Consul-General, Zarak Khan, explained the projects, which aim to make Fiji a top economic destination in sectors such as Agriculture, Manufacturing and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

October 25, 2018: Former Prime-Minister Kevin Rudd talks to Foreign Correspondents about his new book: “The PM Years”

In an exclusive Press Conference for Foreign Correspondents in Sydney, the Former Prime-Minister Kevin Rudd said he decided to write The PM Years “to shed light on an obscure part of Australian history”, including the events that led to his downfall in June 2013. Rudd commented on Australia’s leadership instability and how it is affecting the country’s international reputation. He also talked about economy, Australia’s relationship with China and the USA as well as refugees. The PM Years recounts Rudd’s achievements and sorrows in 652 pages.

October 3, 2018: DFAT and FCA discuss Australia’s Soft Power

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is currently leading a review of Australia’s soft power, which is a commitment of the 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper. This is the nation’s first ever review of this type, which seeks to generate new ideas and thinking on Australia’s soft power assets and partnerships, as well as policy options for maximising Australia’s reputation and prosperity in the future.

The Foreign Correspondents Association was invited to contribute to the discussions. The President Hiroki Iijima, the Vice-President Sandip Hor and the Treasurer Liz Lacerda represented the FCA in the meeting. The Government has extended the consultation period and invites interested parties to provide a written submission by Friday 12 October 2018. Email your submission to softpowerreview@dfat.gov.au


September 25, 2018: FCA Briefing with NSW Minister for Primary Industries at NSW Parliament House

The Minister for Primary Industries of New South Wales, Niall Blair, told Foreign Correspondents that Australia is working in partnership with other countries to research and implement initiatives in order to avoid or minimise the impact of drought on farms and food production. Blair also commented on the State and Federal governments long-term plan to assist farmers to build infrastructure and to support them during hard times. The governmental initiatives to help farmers include The Farm Innovation Fund and the Farm Household Allowance.

September 25, 2018: Minister for Multiculturalism Ray Williams meet Foreign Correspondents at NSW Parliament House
“The New South Wales Government is working to ensure that all culturally and linguistically diverse consumers and traders know their rights and responsibilities in the State’s dynamic marketplace” says the Minister for Multiculturalism Ray Williams. The Minister met Foreign Correspondents, including members of the FCA, at the NSW Parliament House. During the Press Conference, he said that multicultural communities represent some of the most vulnerable consumers, as well as some of the hardest working business owners. “We want our diverse community to understand NSW consumer protection laws”, he said.

September 24, 2018: President and Vice-President of the FCA meet the Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) in Sydney

The President of the FCA, Hiroki Iijima, and the Vice-President, Sandip Hor, met JNTO Sydney Office Executive Director, Kana Wakabayashi, to discuss a potential partnership between the Japanese Tourism Organisation and the Foreign Correspondents Association in Australia. Iijima and Hor took the opportunity to congratulate JNTO for winning the “Destination Award” at Luxperience 2018, one of the leading luxury travel trade shows in Australasia and the Asia Pacific. The award recognises the outstanding achievements of regional, state and national tourism offices in promoting luxury travel to their destinations.



August 6, 2018: New FCA Board members were elected at the AGM

FCA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) elected the Board for 2018 – 2019 on Monday, Aug 5, in DFAT Sydney Conference Room. The popular Japanese TBS television correspondent Hiroki Iijima was re-elected as President, with Vice- President Sandip Hor, Treasurer Liz Lacerda, Honorary Secretary Wolfgang Mueller, Mimi Chau, Thorsten Joses and Philip Engelberts, plus Laurence Arthur (in Melbourne) and Rob Taylor (in Canberra). The new Board discussed the future of the FCA with 20 other members. Great lunch after the meeting at Bar Cupola, in Sydney CBD.

July 12, 2018: FCA briefing with the Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells.

During the meeting with members of the Foreign Correspondents Association in Sydney, the International Development Minister, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, said Australia is making an effort to strengthen ties with the Pacific nations. The Minister commented on the security agreement with countries in the region, which will cover matters such as defence, law and order, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Analysts say that the agreement should be used to limit China’s influence in the Pacific.


June 28, 2018: “The Tourism Opportunity for Australia: 2020 and Beyond”

The Managing Director of Tourism Australia, John O’Sullivan, briefed FCA members on the strategy to build the competitiveness of Australia’s tourism industry and grow its economic contribution. “Tourism 2020” focuses on improving the industry’s performance and competitiveness by pursuing new opportunities for growth.

The “Tourism 2020” goal is to achieve between $115 billion and $140 billion annually – in overnight spend – by 2020. The total overnight visitor spending has already reached a record $107.4 billion for the year ending March 2018. “Tourism 2020” is an initiative of Tourism Australia, the Australian tourism industry and federal, state and territory governments in an effort to maximise tourism’s economic contribution to the Australian people. Read more about the Tourism 2020 strategy.

Audio file is available for FCA members. 

May 28, 2018: “US Foreign Policy in Asia and Nuclear-free Korean Peninsula”

Research Fellow in the Foreign Policy and Defence Program at the University of Sydney’s United States Studies Centre, Brendan Thomas-Noone, briefed FCA members on North Korea’s nuclear program and the regional foreign policy role of the US administration, as well as Australia’s responsibilities in supporting a stable and resilient Indo-Pacific.

He said that Australia’s strategy includes the need to provide infrastructure, economic growth, governance support and security assistance to help Pacific and south-east Asian nations cope with Chinese influence.

May 25, 2018:  VIVID SYDNEY 2018 Media Launch. 

FCA members were invited to the “Lightning of the Sails”, which marked the “lights on” beginning of Vivid Sydney 2018 at the Sydney Opera House and Circular Quay. Invited by Destination NSW, foreign correspondents celebrated the 10th anniversary of the biggest festival of light, music and ideas in the world.

During 23 days and nights of visual creativity, Vivid 2018 had nine live precincts across Sydney, including Luna Park for the first time, a free public exhibition of outdoor lighting sculptures and installations and a contemporary music program.

March 9, 2018: Video link to the last FCA briefing with the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Dr. Tilman Ruff, filmed and edited by Thorsten Joses .

In 2007, Melbourne-based Tilman Ruff, 62, co-founded the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Ten years later, the organisation was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

In a press briefing for the FCA in Sydney, Dr. Tilman Ruff explained how the “visionary work” has brought the world much closer to a nuclear-free world. On July 7 last year, the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty – the first legally binding international agreement to prohibit nuclear weapons – was adopted by 122 countries.


We have a busy calendar of newsworthy and social events. FCA regularly invites experts in the field of politics, business, academics, Indigenous affairs and civil society from around Australia and beyond as guest speakers. We also host social get-togethers and dinners, which offer a great opportunity for members, their families and friends to network.

FCA Christmas Party 2018

As Foreign Correspondents, covering the news with a reporter’s quest for accuracy and eye for detail is what we do best. This section contains articles on FCA’s activities: media briefings, trip reports and social events. It also features the `story’ behind the story and delves into the finer points of how a particular happening is reported differently in world media.
Press Conference for Foreign Correspondents with former Minister for Foreign Affairs from 2013 to 2018, Julie Bishop, in Canberra